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Reusable Goggles SV-800-AF

Panoramic Sterilizable Goggles for Clean and Sterile Rooms.

PurGuard SV-800-AF is a reusable and fully autoclavable goggle used in cleanrooms and sterile areas. The ventilation design along with the special anti-fog coating effectively prevent fogging of the lens.

  • Resistant to steam autoclave sterilization (20 cycles).
  • Compatible with prescription vision glasses.
  • Special ventilation design that prevents fogging, with direct ventilation at the top and indirect ventilation at the bottom.
  • Latex free elastic band.
  • Alternatively: a clean room fabric strip that allows to place a label for identification and tracking of number sterilization cycles can be used.  This enhances compliance and validation of re-use.
  • Interchangeable polycarbonate lenses.


Special offer Annex 1

With the entry into force of Annex 1 on August 25, the requirements for protective equipment have been increased. PurGuard goggles protect the product from contamination coming from the person, while the anti-fog coating offers increased operator comfort.


Offer conditions

  • Minimum quantity: 300 units.
  • Maximum quantity: 6,000 units.
  • Sale 20% off.
  • Offer valid until 12/21/23 or until stocks last.

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