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Limpieza de Mangueras

Limpieza de Mangueras

Vídeo: Limpieza del interior de mangueras con swabs ErgoSCRUB.

Cleanroom Wiping Guide

Follow relevant site protocol (procedures for safety, contamination, etc.) and wear cleanroom gloves...

Texwipe Sterile Products

Texwipe Sterile Products

Sterilized, Validated, Documented and Pyrogen Tested

Abrasion Basics for Contamination Control

Clean Manufacturing Tutorial: "Abrasion Basics for Contamination Control". To minimize particles, understand abrasion.

Advantages of Pre-Wetted Wipers in Sterile Environments

If you had to describe the overriding characteristic of sterile environments in one word, that word might be “uncompromising”. This word conveys the sense that sterility requirements in these

Evaluating sample preparation techniques for cleanroom wiper testing

Using mechanical energy and a surfactant solution to remove wiper particles can approximate actual conditions of use.

ESD Safety in Cleanrooms: Natural vs. Man-made Materials

Electrostatic charge build-up in cleanrooms can produce higher levels of surface contamination, electrostatic discharges that damage integrated circuits, MR and GMR heads, and electromagnetic

ESD: Another kind of lethal contaminant?

As recently pointed out in this magazine, it only takes about 25 V of static electricity to functionally destroy an MR head.

Choosing the Correct Swab for Cleaning Validation

During the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, care must be taken to ensure that these products are not contaminated either by the previous manufacturing run or by the c

Cleanroom Wipers: State-of-the-Art Evaluation Techniques

What makes the difference in wiper products is the amount of surface contamination they leave behind after use.

Cleaning, Validating and Monitoring Aseptic Fill Areas

Thorough cleaning is crucial to aseptic fill operations, but it must be validated as well as monitored. This article has presented some sampling, extraction and analysis options that have pro

Cleaning Aseptic Fill Areas

For pharmaceuticals that cannot be given terminal sterilization at the end of production, the alternative of aseptic fill is available, requiring sterile materials placed in sterile container

Swab / Direct Combustion Carbon Analysis of Drug Residue by TOC-VCPH

Cleaning validation for production equipment at pharmaceutical facilities is an evaluation examination that is conducted to prevent cross-contamination from previously processed products and

Controlling Electrostatic Attraction of Particles in Production Equipment

SEMI Document E78-0998 describes the elements of a static control program: these include grounding, static dissipative materials and air ionization. These elements are supported by personnel

Bibliography on Cleaning Cleanrooms

Books, Articles and Monographs

Basics of Contamination by Electrostatic Attraction

Excess electrical charge plays a significant role in contamination. It can cause an energetic discharge (“electrostatic discharge” or “ESD”) that causes damage, and it can attract particles,

Cleaning of Compounding Aseptic Isolators (CAIs) and Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs)

Compounding Aseptic Isolators and Class II biological safety cabinets are used in hospital pharmacies and other ...

Swab / Solvent Compatibility Chart

Acetic Acid, Acetone, Acetonitrile, ...

Swabbing Guide : Swab Requirements, Where to Use, ...

Swabbing Guide. Swab Requirements: • Minimal background interference. • High recovery rate. • Low particle generation. Where to..

Cleaning of Isolators and Bio-safety Cabinets

The manner in which pharmaceutical isolators, compounding aseptic isolators and bio-safety cabinets are used dictate the somewhat varied approach to cleaning and where applicable, disinfectio

Reducing Pyrogens in Cleanroom Wiping Materials

In many instances, it is no longer adequate to show that a pharmaceutical or medical device is sterile, but one also must demonstrate that it is “pyrogen free.” This article provides practic

Optimum Wiper Characteristics for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Optimum Wiper Characteristics for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Who knew that there was so much technology associated with such a small piece of cloth?

Sistema de mopas: Contactless

Sistema de mopas: Contactless

Sistema de mopping modular, con componentes intercambiables y compatibles, permite la adaptación para limpieza desinfección en cualquier tipo de zonas estériles o no estériles. Sistema de pre

Salmonella strikes! Global epidemics of salmonella. Food industry HAVOC

Salmonella strikes! Global epidemics of salmonella. Food industry HAVOC

Recent cases of the super-bugs in Australia, the US, UK and Asia have caused major issues for food processing companies; including public recalls and lawsuits.

Consistency as the True Measure of Cleanroom Wiper Quality

From wiping residues on hard surfaces to applying cleaning solutions, wipers perform a variety of tasks that help maintain the cleanliness levels desired in a given cleanroom environment. Thi

How to Succeed in the Search for Nothing: Effective Swabbing Techniques for Cleaning Validation

Searching for nothing would seem to be an absolute waste of time — unless you are responsible for cleaning validation.

Improving Productivity in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Facilities

Pharma and Biotech manufacturing facilities face ever more demanding regulatory and productivity challenges. These challenges are made more acute as products come off patent protection.


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