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Improving Productivity in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Facilities

Pharma and Biotech manufacturing facilities face ever more demanding regulatory and productivity challenges. These challenges are made more acute as products come off patent protection.

While the ratios vary from plant to plant, the above chart fairly captures the low plant utilization rates that have characterized the manufacturing of Pharmaceutical products.
To improve this, the large integrated companies are pursuing lean manufacturing strategies. In essence lean manufacturing means eliminating non-value added steps by designing operations so that tasks are done properly the first time around.

Current cleaning and disinfection SOP’s used throughout the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries have an inherent flaw that causes shutdowns and audits to be longer and more complicated than need be. In brief current cleaning and disinfection SOP’s involve the application of disinfectant cleaners to floors, walls, windows, ceilings and equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the surface. As a result of the active ingredients in disinfectants, residues and corrosion are a direct result and are typical in clean room and non clean room manufacturing areas.
Improving Productivity in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Facilities


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