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Advantages of Pre-Wetted Wipers in Sterile Environments

If you had to describe the overriding characteristic of sterile environments in one word, that word might be “uncompromising”. This word conveys the sense that sterility requirements in these en vironments are indeed inflexible.

It follows then, that items introduced into a sterile environment must not “compromise” or
pollute the area. Such items must themselves be sterile and must not introduce unacceptable levels of contaminants – e.g. particles, residues, etc. Such requirements apply equally (and ironically) to contamination control products such as wipers and cleaning solutions that are used with in the sterile areas. These products are not excused from the inflexible requirements for sterility and purity. Some pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing plants have adopted sterile pre-wetted wipers as the best way to address critical cleaning issues in sterile environments. They have found that these cleaning products allow them to achieve the best results in a cost-effective manner.

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